I hear and I forget.
I see and I remember.
I experience and I understand.
--- Confucius

- Good Design Must be Experienced -

Our Partners.

We partner with a handful of select Italian companies, artisans, architects and designers to help them find customers and clients in the US that are interested in their products and services. We accomplish this by serving as a bridge for communications, logistics, project management and sourcing.

Your Vision.

The US is a melting pot of tradition, style, design and craftsmanship. This blend of cultures is as much a curse as it is a benefit when it comes to creating a home that is rich with true Italian style and craftsmanship. Homeowners, designers and architects all have the daunting task of sifting through the endless options of materials, products and design when working to realize their vision. Our goal at La Fucina is to help you realize your vision. Whether you desire 100% Italian design and craftsmanship or you are looking for the single perfect furniture piece to complete a more eclectic vision, we have the connections and experience needed to make your vision a reality.


ArchiDeiversIT is the culmination of a decade of work bridging the gaps between artisans, architects, designers and homeowners. This groundbreaking project revolves around the concept of creating an environment where individuals can not just see or hear about Italian made products but actually experience them. While a traditional showroom may provide some level of interaction or experience with a product, it doesn’t match the experience an individual would encounter while living in a home surrounded with Italian design and products. At the core of ArchiDiversIT is a show-home that is built with a target price in the upper range of home values for an area. The architecture, design and most of the products found in the show-home are all Italian made. Special guests will spend a night or two in the home and experience the difference in quality and design that can’t be appreciated in a showroom or through a catalog.

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About Us.

LaFucina is the creative vision of a small team of Italians and Americans that have combined their skills and experience in design, consulting, architecture, construction, project management and marketing in order to provide solutions to Italian firms looking to expand to US markets while also serving as a resource to US designers, architects and homeowners looking for Italian design and quality.

We offer Italian clients logistics services through our two 30,000 square foot warehouses, marketing services with a team of talented internet and event marketing specialists, project management services, contract procurement, sales and customer support. For homeowners, architects and interior designers, we can make your projects run more smoothly, source Italian made products for you and our direct relationships with the factories, brand owners and artisans result in cost savings not found through traditional sourcing, showroom or design services.